Is Jet Airways in-flight catering getting better again?

It is no secret that I have not been impressed by Jet Airways’ consistently falling quality of meals over the years. In my experience, the quantity and quality had been going down, as I described here, first in 2011. Then, last year, on an international (regional) dinner flight, all I got for dinner on the plane was a plate of rice. Though, early 2013, I was noticing the eye for details returning.

Now, I’m hearing recently, the domestic meal service is getting beefed-up, and this is the Facebook post of a friend who recently travelled on a domestic economy flight with them. There is exotic food on the plane (Thai, anyone?) and everyone gets ice creams, even in economy. I also spotted similar tweets corroborating the incident.



If this is a sampling promotion being run by an ice-cream company, I don’t know, since I haven’t been on a domestic flight all this month. Or maybe it is Jet Airways’ celebration for their 20th Anniversary. Whatever it is, it is a welcome change from the catering that was being provided recently in economy, which was not up to Jet Airways’ own standards in the past.

As for me, my last flight with Jet Airways earlier this month was a regional Kuwait – Mumbai flight in economy. Here is a look at my meal service which was sort of bland and tasteless and missed the ice-cream.


What have been your recent experiences with Jet Airways meal services on the domestic segments? Do share with me here or if you have a picture, on my email (aj [at] livefromalounge [dot] com).

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  1. Hi AJ,
    I travelled recently from Pune to Delhi by a morning flight. I was surprised to see that they had accepted my request for a Gluten free veg meal. The meal itself was not so great – just some kind of a curry [and they had included a dinner roll!] nut the point is that they have started making the effort. Lets see how things work out as time passes by.

  2. Donno about the ice creams, yet to be served one! But the baggage time seems to be getting worse by the day despite having a priority tag. Took 25 minutes just the day before at Bangalore! Don’t know your experiences with baggage arrival time.

  3. The food quality served by jet is very poor.travelled on 18th may. Though chocobar was served but that is not enough. Low fare airlines are better at least u can pay nd take whatever u need.

  4. I’m not sure about the exotic foods and cuisines, will wait for the next few days to sample that.

    Ice creams – This is a constant in the summers. I average 4-5 ex-DEL flights (mostly on Jet) every summer, and about 10 in other months. IIRC, on almost every one of those summer flights that are ex-DEL, I’ve had ice creams. Normally they are cups of Kwality Walls Vanilla. Last month it was the choco-bar. This is in economy. Will they serve MAGNUMs in Premiere??? #wishfulthinking

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