Jet Airways gets a new CEO: Gary Kenneth Toomey

Jet Airways, which is in the midst of setting up a strategic alliance with Etihad Airways at the moment, has gone ahead and appointed Gary Kenneth Toomey as their new CEO. Just last week, their CEO for five years, Nikos Kardassis had resigned and it was being reported for a while that Gary was the frontrunner for this position for a while.

Gary, who has been a CEO at Air New Zealand, and before that the deputy CEO & CFO at Qantas, has a track record in domestic and international airline management, and I hope he’ll be able to work on the integration of Etihad and Jet Airways well, and lead its international expansion going forward.

For me as a customer, the biggest challenge with keeping Jet Airways as my preferred airline of choice at the moment is that they can’t get me to everywhere I want to go, and since they are not in an alliance, I can’t get the benefit of going places just by being loyal to one airline. I hope Gary is able to take decisions for me which will fix this situation.

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