Which is the best Indian mileage-earning Credit Card?

The quest for the best Indian mileage-earning credit card has been on going. No one throws 50K miles our way to sign on a credit card here. Back in January, I created a calculator for everyone who wanted to figure out which was the best credit card according to their usage of credit every month, for travel and everything else. At last count, I had over 1,000 people using that calculator to make their assessments or validate their choices on which credit cards to pick for earning miles in India.

Things change all the time, such as mileage earned, so I’ve tweaked the calculator accordingly. Here is the new version of the calculator, accessible from my Google Drive. The earlier post has a tutorial as well on how to use the sheet to get your comparison.

What changed, you may ask?

I do want to know which one of these credit cards do you use? Do write me a comment.

Also, if you see there are any errors in the worksheet, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll fix it at the earliest.

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  1. I have the Jet ICICI Amex & Visa cards, took them both for 5K annual fee when the cards got launched. Surely ICICI won’t allow me to apply again and get the a second Jet ICICI Visa, right ? It sure is tempting to pay 5k again and get 15000 miles.

  2. I still think that the best card in India is the Amex Platinum Travel Rewards card, which is not a mileage earning card, per se, but upon spending 4L per year gives you 16K Indigo gift vouchers and 10K Taj vouchers. On top of that, there are amex points which are approx 0.75-1% of total spend (depending on how you utilize them).

    I applied for ICICI Jetairways card and that application has been stuck since forever. So I gave up and got Permiermiles, but all the expenses on that are beyond the 4L I spend on Amex, so not that much.

  3. Hi Aj, Earlier we could apply for both AMEX and VISA version of the card in ICICI. This option is no more there on there website. Does that mean we can apply separately for ICICI visa version even if we hold AMEX version of ICICI and both the cards will be separate account to get welcome miles?

    • @ngblr, Thanks for bringing it to my notice, I am surprise the combo offer went away too. I am not sure anymore if you can apply for two credit cards or just one, since most banks in India except for Citi insist on one Credit Card per customer only.

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