Lost in Translation: the Virgin Atlantic menu in Hindi

I have to admit that for all the admiration I have for Virgin Atlantic airlines, I’ve never been able to get on their planes because I’ve never had enough miles to travel with them. So I never had a hang of what goes on in their premium cabins on flights from Heathrow, where they have a bilingual menu for their guests from India in English and Hindi.

An acquaintance recently happened to be around, and discovered this hilarious menu, where the English menu was literally translated to Hindi. So, Pudding has become halwa in Hindi, and on the other hand, Rise & Shine, their label for their breakfast service has been left in Hindi rather than maybe just labelling it Nashta, i.e., Breakfast in Hindi.


I’ll go and get my laughter for the day, because I think another airline such as Jet Airways does the Hindi menus better. Have you seen another such lost in translation move by an airline?

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  1. Chocolate pudding with salted caramel is the latest in-thing dessert here these days. With lall these upmarket super markets selling them and they are yumm!

    I have seen these menus and High Tea is literally translated in hindi as “Oonchi Chai”

    Not the perfect Hindi menu but Good on VS for trying atleast.

  2. Well not an airline per se – but the immigration counter at TRV has a special line for “Vyvsay Shreni” passengers 🙂

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