Spicejet introduces Flexifly: optional add-ons to your flight

Spicejet has worked up an interesting suite of optional services, labelled FlexiFly in a tie-up with Optiontown and launched them publicly a couple of days ago. For those of you who don’t know about Optiontown, it is a US-based company working in the field of travel options, i.e., helping travel providers maximise revenue, and travellers buy add-on services at a lower cost.


Here are the options that have been brought in:

  • Multiple Booking Option: Hold confirmed availability on more than one flight, and choose upto 24 hours before departure
  • Empty Seat Option: Get a confirmed extra seat next to you, upto 24 hours before departure
  • Preferred Flight Option: Book a different flight if your preferred flight is not available, and then move to your preferred flight if a seat opens up
  • Flexible Reward Option: Quite like a voluntary bump on a flight, you can sign up for this option if you have a flexible travel schedule, and you can earn rewards (I’m not sure what kinds though) if you’re moved from your existing flight.

Remember, all these services are optional and Optiontown charges you a nominal fee to get access to them. Unfortunately, I don’t have any SpiceJet reservations of my own at the moment to try out the services and report back on the pricing and viability. But if any readers choose to try out these options, do write in and let me know how did it work out.

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