Details on Spicejet’s Flexifly with Optiontown

A few days ago I wrote about the recent arrangement between Spicejet and Optiontown to offer a few of Optiontown products on Spicejet. A few days later, the PR machinery of Optiontown went about town talking about the services and possible pricing. Here are some quotable quotes:

On the Flexible Rewards Option, where you could surrender your seat on a potentially full flight and get another flight ticket to your destination, along with a small reward:

A passenger can earn up to Rs 1,500 by agreeing to fly on a different time and enabling the airline to make money by selling the seat to a last minute passenger.

From Spicejet’s own website on the Flexible Rewards Option:

If Optiontown moves your booking to the FRo Flight, you will earn rewards of up to INR 1500 per one way travel! Even if you are not moved, you may still earn a sign-up reward of up to INR 200 per one way travel.

On the Empty Seat Option, where you could ask for an empty seat next to you on the plane:

The charge for blocking a seat varies with the distance travelled and could range between Rs 250 and Rs 900.

From another website on the same feature:

ESo would allow passengers on SpiceJet to fly with an empty seat beside one’s own by paying just Rs 250 for one seat and Rs 400 for two empty seats

As per Optiontown, they help airlines get out an average of $2 incremental profit for the airline.

While it turns out that some of these options may just be the thing you need on a flight, I don’t think most of the fliers will move to these options just yet. How long will this tie-up last on the back of low numbers, I don’t know.

Do you think these options would be lapped up by the fliers, unless they really need them.

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