An extra 1000 PremierMiles to activate EMV by tomorrow

Seems Citibank never wanted me to earn these 1000 PremierMiles so I never got this email. Anyhow, I requested a reader to forward me an email that Citibank has sent out to select group of their PremierMiles customers, who have recently been issued the new chip & pin credit cards.


To avail this offer, you first need to look up your mailbox to see if you have received an email from regarding this promotion. Only if you heard from Citi would you be eligible for the promotion.

You need to use your new Chip+Pin Citibank Premiermiles CC with a physical swipe machine (i.e., not over the internet or a phone system) before August 31, 2013 and authenticate using a PIN code to be able to receive these 1000 PremierMiles. The miles will be credited within a month of the promotion closing.

You can check out the details terms & conditions here [PDF].

Also remember to register for the Accelerated miles promotion while you are up to it.

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  1. Gaurav, I received the email soon after I got a new chip card, but I had already used it on a swipe machine before I got the email.

    Vcat, I got the email saying “we miss you at Citibank” a second time, and that too after several such transactions. So it was neither a dormant nor and old account.

    The logic is not very clear.

  2. Even I have not recd this email, may be because I have been already using the chip+pin on EMV swipe machines. This seems targeted to non-users only.

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