How long does it take for a flight to post to JetPrivilege, realistically?

At the outset, this is a rant. So those of you who don’t like ‘em, should quit now. Otherwise, read on.

My last trip out of town was to Goa, when I popped on to a Jet Airways plane both ways to go to Goa and come back to Mumbai. Now, I am usually very particular about monitoring my 9W flight credits, because they don’t credit to JetPrivilege on time about 20-25% of the times. There is functionality on the website as well, to claim missing miles, which asks you to load up a lot of details and you’re through. It clearly also states,

Incase the member has availed of an upgrade to Première or First Class against vouchers, JPMiles upgrade, cash upgrade or any involuntary upgrade done at the airport; it will take a minimum of 6 days for automatic-credit of flights.

However, on the last flight, it does not seem to be the case. I travelled outwards on August 15, 2013, and surprisingly, the flight credited within 24 hours (miracles do happen). On the flight back on August 18, 2013, I was upgraded at the gate, and … the flight has still not credited. image

I know this is not a unique situation I am in, but I am just trying to see how long before this flight posts. Anyone want to hazard a guess?

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  1. The claim settlement section in the website is a sham. I have never been able to settle a claim for jpmiles for my flights which I couldn’t attach to the jet privilege account while flying. They need to work on it.

  2. Upgrade cases do take up to 6 weeks – voucher confirmed up to the point of check in (not that it ever happens over phone) or at the gate. That’s the problem…

  3. That’s nothing, Virgin Australia (and the Velocity Rewards program) often take 6 weeks to post credits.


    Even if you call them you can’t do anything until 14 BUSINESS DAYS has passed. So far their worst performance for me is 18 weeks after the points were earnt, even after multiple follow up phone calls. Even the “loyalty credits” promised to say sorry for consistently screwing up my points credits, took another phone call follow up before they arrived on my account.

    I’m nominating Velocity Rewards, and the Virgin Australia FF program, for the worst FF points delivery times globally.

  4. What you are seeing is a time period where a lot less JP elites are traveling, so your flights credit faster.

    This happened to me on my last flights on Jet as well.

    However, a few months ago it would take them more than a week, if at all! I haven’t gotten around to chasing the buggers, but I might just hit them with a consolidated list when I have the time…

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