Some more FlightTrack Pro codes going away

While not all of the FlightTrack Pro codes I put out yesterday are reported to be taken, there are a few more codes I have now, courtesy of Jagadish Gandhi, which some readers could use to download the $9.99 app free of cost. Here they are. Please drop us a note in the comments section so that people know of the codes that are already successfully used.

  • 47P4P9MNYW3R
  • 76R7W7LYH3ML
  • 3T7KNF4A6796

Like I said yesterday, here is how to install the app using these codes:


Thanks again, Jagadish.

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  1. Hi AJ,
    How to use the code? When I go to google play store to download the application it directly ask for the credit card details. There is no option to enter the code…

  2. I just used the first code to redeem light track pro. Thanks and thumbs up to the one who got us the codes.
    Code: 47P4P9MNYW3R

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