An attempt with trying to book 0 JPmiles tickets

A couple of days back, I was in ticket booking mode, with a mix of work and play tickets being booked up. Now, while I usually book up tickets on revenue rates only, to make sure I am closer to requalification for the year, this one time I wanted to look up some reward tickets as well. And to my surprise, this is what turned up:

jp miles 0

Not bad at all, I thought. It said 0 JP Miles all over. I was already making a mental map of the places I could be visiting with this!

So I tried a few random segments and it was all turning up like this, and I was convinced there was a system glitch somewhere. Now, I went about with the intention to try to ticket. So I entered my details and all that was needed was 1800 Rs. or so to get a BOM-BLR-BOM ticket I thought. I gave them my credit card number as well. However, this is what eventually turned up on the last screen.

jp miles 1

Dang! I thought it was maybe a problem with my credit card. I thought to try with another one. And the same message turned up again. This point, I realised they were really fooling with me, and the systems were good enough to not ticket such trash I was trying to put in there. Kudos to the team who runs the site.

Anyone else witnessed this same thing and managed to ticket?

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