Blogging really is a thankless job!

No, its not my job actually. I have a full time position like I’ve talked about before, and I write this blog for the love of miles & points, and to help readers in a relatively new market to the game, like India, realise the potential of travel with loyalty benefits, and tips and tricks of the game.

Now, from time to time I have giveaways when an arrangement is made with various companies, and I really want all of you to have fun out there with these promos. I’ve had one reader in the past who did not receive something I promised, and I am trying to source the same thing again to be able to send it to him. Another reader, who participated in a recent points giveaway, today sends me an email which reads like this:

It has been a month and no sign of points in my account.

It would be easier/ helpful if you would specify in your give away that it would take over a month to post the points. I have been postponing one of holiday trip for almost 4 weeks now….

That is the email quoted verbatim, and I can’t be very happy about the fact that a reader is not being able to take a vacation which he should have gotten, but at the same time the tone of the email has put me off.

Like I said above, all this is a thankless job really!

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  1. Was the entire episode, orchestrated to get you so many meaningless empty Thank you’s 😉 If the good chap has apologized, the article deserves to be taken off. I don’t see it serving purpose, of any sort.

    • @jagdeesh, I don’t know if the guy has apologised or not. Anyhow, everything posted here is for the times to come and there was no one named here at least by me. It is my blog and I sure can post what I feel like here 🙂

  2. Hey AJ,
    Like. Many, I too check your blog every morning. You have been really helpful in the sphere of miles n points in India. Well, I feel sad that someone just expects them to be spoon fed. Remember – ‘Who moved my cheese’ 😉 Please continue your great work.

  3. Hi AJ, I enjoy ur blogs like many other …. U r doing a good work…. And be rest assured ur work is well appreciated.. Forget the one of issues…. Accidents do happen but you don’t stop driving…. Keep up the good work

  4. AJ, your fellow BoardingArea bloggers are here to support you and let you know that we are ALL thankful for your contributions and wonderful insight for our fellow travelers.

    AND, I’ve got lots of miles—maybe I can donate some with expediency to help this reader along. “I may be slow but i’m usually faster than the programs”!

    Keep up the fine blogging.

    • @Randy, thanks to you and BoardingArea for your support. In this case, it was the irritation that someone tells me about something not in my control and writes unkindly. People just need to be nice 🙂

  5. Hi AJ, You are one of the finest blogger out there. I usually do not comment but i though this post needed one. Know that you have lots of followers… thanks for all the hard work you do 🙂

  6. Hi AJ, Pls Continue your good work with the blog. I appreciate a lot of inputs got over the last one year. – Anirban

  7. Hi AJ, first off I read your blog and its usually informative.

    In the interest of disclosure, I believe you should have included the full communication if you wanted to post the email from that person. (And that person I believe did reply outlining the full communication that took place).

    • @Rick, the full communication is between me and the winner. He wrote that after I made this post. I just think he should have been nice, not nasty!

  8. You are doing a fab job mate.. Dont bother about such morons.. Your blogs are a great help.. Please keep up the good job!!

    • @bpbindaas, thanks for your support, I know you’ve been regular around here. No name calling please. There are kids who frequent the blog as well!

  9. Thank you AJ for your blog. I was introduced to the world of collecting miles. Though I am not a frequent flyer, but I try to follow & learn from you. And I would say they are really helpful. I thank you for that.

    Please keep up the good work..

  10. Hi AJ, It was though your blog, I was introduced to the world of collecting miles. Though I am not a frequent flyer, but I try to follow & learn from you. And I would say they are really helpful. I thank you for that.

    Please keep up the good work..

  11. Yes, it was me who sent that email.
    @Joey thanks for asking if i had put a “thank you” note.
    I really wish AJ had put my previous communications with him.
    He replied his unhappiness about the email i sent… i immediately apologized to him. I have also offered him to donate the points to anyone/ charity he chooses. I was very thankful.. but, AJ feels other way.. So i decided i dont deserve it bcs i am not thankful of it.

    Like many i read your blog regularly.. Please continue the good work.

    • @Skudu, chin up mate. I’m here to help you always. Just be nice to me and I could tell you things I never put on the blog as well 😉

  12. Was that the full message? Hopefully the person put a “thank you” or a note stating how grateful he/she was to winning your giveaway!
    In addition, there are a lot more lurkers/readers on here who choose not to comment but are still thankful to what you do so keep up the great work and thank you!

  13. don’t bother, u r doing a great job, i follow ur blog almost religiously 🙂 keep up the good work, n don’t let this trivial things keep you from it

  14. You are one of the finest air travel bloggers I have come across. Don’t listen to people who don’t know how to appreciate good work. Cheers mate 😀

  15. listen mate, you are doing great job. if some idiot doesnt appreciate it, its his problem. i think you are wonderful

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