Get 2 Uber rides free in India

Like I’ve mentioned in the past, Uber launched in India in the city of Bangalore in September 2013 and has started testing services in Delhi/Gurgaon in October 2013. New cities they will be offering services in the coming months will be Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, since these cities show up on their website in hiring mode as of now.

I had a good experience with Uber a couple of weeks back when I tried out their services in Delhi, when I could get myself a Toyota Camry for the drive from the Delhi Airport to my home. And then, the next day, I had a great trip back to the airport when a BMW 5 series turned up to drive me back.

Since I always want my readers to get an opportunity to try the good things for themselves, I reached out to Uber and we worked together on offering 2 rides for upto Rs. 500 to the readers of this blog (new users for Uber). Together with my own referral link, you could actually make it 3 rides, because if you sign up via my link, you get Rs. 500 to your account for your first ride.

So, once you sign up for Uber, you could just go to the field where promotions are offered, and fill in promocode BOARDINGAREA to get your two free rides, which would be valid till the end of this year. If your invoice value is more than Rs. 500 on the ride, your credit card would be charged automatically for that amount.

Happy riding. And please feel free to put up your own links in the comments section as well.

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  1. Hi AJ, thanks for this, i have signed up although they are yet to launch in Mumbai. Hopefully the Rs 500 credit does not expire by 31st Dec or they launch here before then.

  2. AJ – My Dad is flying back to India and will reach DEL on the morning of Dec 4 on a LH flight. He is not tech savvy and does not have a smart phone. Is there any way I can reserve a car from US with Uber. He will have a regular cell phone to communicate with them upon arrival

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