Christmas Giveaway: 20 AwardWallet premium accounts

Long long time ago, I discovered AwardWallet, and I’ve been using their services ever since to access my own and my family’s mileage balances in one place.

AwardWallet provides a free account, which tracks all your accounts for free, but only displays upto 3 expiration notices. There is also AwardWallet Plus, which costs you $5 upwards for 6 months (you choose the price), and allows for details on all your accounts to be tracked along with the expiry notices. Here is a summary of the differences.


Now, if you haven’t had an AwardWallet account ever, you could sign up for a free 6-months usage of AwardWallet Plus with the following Coupon Code while signing up: LiveFromALounge (case-insensitive).

If you have troubles signing up with the promocode, you could also sign up with my referral link here.

For those of you who are existing users of AwardWallet, I am giving away 20 coupon codes for a 6 month Plus membership.

All you need to do, is tell me your favourite feature of AwardWallet in the comments section below, and I’ll select 20 entries from the list. Ensure you use a valid email address so that I can get in touch with you if you’re the winner. I’ll keep entries open till Wednesday, 25 December 2013, 12 noon Mountain Time. All the best!

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  1. Awardwallet is just Wow!!! All accounts for me and my family at one place.. tracks upcoming travel, Auto updates, expiry, status all makes it a great deal.. Ability to get 6months upgrade free makes it a must have.. 😉 Wish it could automatically track Citi Premiermiles too..

  2. I know you asked for one feature but the reason I like it is because it does all of the following: track account for the entire family; track airlines, hotels and shopping; auto login and track expiry.

  3. Fav feature is one of the below:

    1) has recently started showing expiry of my gold/platinum status at hotel chains, extremely useful as this info is usually much harder to find at the hotel chain’s own websites

    2) if you have topcashback/ebates/other cashback sites attached to your award wallet and click on a shopping account (for example amazon/tesco) it will ask if you want to login via your cashback site so you can automatically get cashback on your purchases

  4. All of them to be honest AJ: The ability to auto login and update all accounts, track the expiry and prevent your losses (they can hurt bad) and get intimation (automatic) before the expiry of points / miles as well as special awards such as those of a upgrade voucher, etc.

    My features have toned down after the downgrade so would so love getting it back again !!!

  5. It’s hard to pick only one favorite feature. All accounts in one place, auto-login, and expiration date info are all right at the top of my list.

  6. Great place to view all my accounts at once! I also love the fact it self updates and wish United and SW would join in and allow auto updating!

  7. It would have to be a tie between expiry date notification, and notifying you of other benefits you have in your account in addition to points (ie diamond suite upgrades, free category nights) – love having this info all in one place!!

  8. I like that it sends me notices when my travel award flights have changes. It seems I find out from Award Wallet before I get an email from the airline.

  9. I love the fact that AwardWallet has a mobile app version.
    For some reason, the mobile app is soooo much faster to check balances than the website.

  10. Most valuable is feature is just not having to remember 50 userid/password combinations across 4 family members. But that’s pretty obvious. My less obvious favorite feature is that it enables not only tracking of points, but of various free night awards with their expirations as well (think Hyatt, Marriott, etc).

  11. Ability to track every account in my household on my iphone. I just paid the $5 for another 6 months. But maybe I can extend it for a full year!!!! Thanks

  12. I love the awardwallet app on my phone that lets me check account numbers, expiration dates, and points when I’m on the road.

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