SpiceJet rejigs network, withdraws from Guangzhou and goes to Hong Kong

Spicejet is trying to get it right, one more time. However, it’s strategy to open new stations and routes which haven’t been flown before from India, is clearly not working. For instance, Pondicherry, which was opened up a year ago, is now being closed.

The airline announced the following route changes as a part of its summer schedule:

  • Withdraw Pune – Bangkok
  • Withdraw Varanasi – Sharjah
  • Withdraw Delhi – Guangzhou
  • Pondicherry is being closed down
  • Trichy is being closed down
  • Hong Kong & Dhaka will be the new stations in the network (Details not available yet)

So, for an airline which has been trying to get it right for a few years, this is one more time they are trying to make it work.

If you’re booked on any of these flights after March 30, 2014, then you should connect with the airline so that they can either rebook you on another carrier or refund your ticket.

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  1. They can try any of these niche routes, but for most of them until there is substantial connecting feed it’s not going to matter. Exception here is probably Kabul which is probably doing great as the flight is short.

    The partnership with Tiger is good, and maybe SG should start feeding SIN from South India where there is known demand. HKG is also a good idea. DXB has too much capacity already from everyone.

  2. I think they would like to shift to a hybrid carrier model, than an LCC. They already have the costs of a hybrid carrier model. They sell hot food and have a corporate ffp.

  3. As a Pune resident, the Bangkok route came as a mild surprise to me. Pune in no way can support even a 737 to BKK regularly, except for tourist flights in season perhaps.

    Never found out about the loads on that flight either.

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