Citibank PremierMiles cashback of INR 1000 for new cards

Citibank is running a very lucrative promotion for new signups for the PremierMiles credit card.

Like you know, Citibank offers 10 PremierMiles/100 INR for airline bookings via airline offices & websites (including For other transactions, it is 4 PremierMiles/100 INR. You also get 10,000 PremierMiles for your first transaction of Rs. 1000 or more within 60 days of acquiring the card. PremierMiles can be transferred 1:1 to various frequent flyer programs including Air India, Cathay Pacific, Etihad and Delta. PremierMiles don’t expire, so you can transfer them to any program when you need them. You can read my review, albeit a bit dated, here.


The promotion for Rs. 1000 Cashback for new cards, is valid till March 15, 2014 and you have to apply online, with a coupon code ‘Citibank’ to qualify for this promotion. Then, your first transaction for at least INR 1,000 within the first 30 days will be used to give you a cashback for INR 1,000 within 90 days of card signup. Here are the detailed T&C.

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  1. Yes, i had. Turns out, the process is a bit different for these, and different for regular applications. We dont get an application reference number here, and thats what they were taking advantage of. Ignorance or whatever, they are certainly not clear on this. Employees acted as if the offer never existed and we’re making up stories. Only showing references to their website somehow silenced their doubts.

    update: 90days over. The cashback is still not credited into the account. I was informed that it would be credited within 90 days. After a 20min call to customer care, they finally suggested me to wait for one more cycle.

  2. The offer from Citibank. They made me fill up the online form, and asked every detail i can think of. Now, when i get a callback from them,they deny any such offer. I even asked them to check online, but even then they deny. Complaining to the head of customer service didnt yield either, same “they are wrong, send us information, we will investigate” nonsense. 5 days since last communication.

    Your post was good, but CitiBank unfortunately isnt walking the talk

    • @Prateek, take the screenshots of the application process and email it to them? Anyhow, this process would kick in after you make your first transaction, so why enquire about it at the application stage itself?

  3. These chaps are thugs. They called me finding the info online, and said that the online form was a 3 page form which i had not completely filled. They have taken every bit of detail of my financial accounts, and yet they give such lame excuses. I shall be taking this up with the competition corporation of India, this is robbing in daylight.

  4. on my jet airways icici credit card statement, i get the no of miles earned against each transaction. in the premier miles statement, only total miles earned/ redeemed is shown. even on the premier miles website i am unable to view this. where can i see premier miles earned against each transaction?

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