Upto 75% India airfare sales extend till Feb 27 and Jet Airways joins in

On Monday, I wrote about the sale that SpiceJet and Indigo sparked, where they offered discounted pricing on flights at least a month out. They called it “75% off compared to last-minute prices” however, I’d like to look at it more like a marketing gimmick, because who in their right minds would compare last minute fares to 30-day fares. The point is, there is still saving if you book now as compared to booking ten days down the line.

The sale has now been extended by SpiceJet to 27th February 2014 midnight, as a response to Jet Airways coming into the fray.


Indigo is in the fray as well, but no official word on if the sale is up till 26th or 27th February now. GoAir has been out there offering a 75% off sale as well.


The big entrant last night is Jet Airways. They’ve reduced prices on some flights on most routes, and this sounds like a good discount to have because they are 25% off on other flights on the same day. You can get further discounts booking with your Jet Airways co-branded credit cards as well. Important to note that Jet Airways is offering discounts all the way till September 30, 2014.


The same fares are also available via OTA portals such as Expedia and Yatra.com as well. [Thank you for supporting this blog by choosing to use these affiliate links]

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