Indigo stops charging for (most) window and aisle seats

A while ago, I wrote on this blog about how Indigo was inferring unbundling rules on their own tangent, offering upto 72% of the seats on the plane as pay for selection, which was not in spirit of the Indian regulations. They tried being creative earlier as well, even trying to charge for the middle seat. Basically, they were trying to charge for as many seats as possible to maximise revenue.

Anyhow, after the post, I see things have changed. I recently booked my parents on another Indigo flight, and after booking up the trip, it was time to assign seats as well. Out here, I saw that the number of seats offered for premium seat assignment was way less now. Only 26 seats as premium seats and some more aisle seats were being charged for seat assignment and pre-reservation.  Have a look below:


I was able to get 8A at no charge, something which would have been priced at INR 200 earlier. I am really glad Indigo changed their policy. Now, it makes good sense to pre-assign your seats even on flights with Indigo.

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  1. Indigo charges fee for pre book of aisle seats in Row 4-11. Can they charge the same fee for these seats even during web-check in?

  2. thanks
    I had booked a ticket day before yesterday and did not check this option as I thought being Indigo, it would charge for even putting a foot on board 🙂
    just now checked and worked fine. assigned 8A 🙂

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