More rescheduling of Jet Airway’s Mumbai Paris route (to be launched)

At the cost of repeating myself, I am reporting back for the third time on this new route between Mumbai and Paris with Jet Airways. In January, Jet Airways announced that the route was going to be operational from May 14, 2014 with a 7 day frequency. That is a keenly watched development at least for me, because after a long time, Jet Airways is breaking into a new long haul market, and I really want them to succeed considering I love the airline much. Also, this is a hint of how things will be after the Etihad partnership is going to fructify.

For reasons unknown, the airline already cut back on the route to 4 days a week earlier in April, before they even launched the route. And then I am hit by a third surprise via today, who reports that the route will be operated 4 times a week initially, but will go to 7 days a week later:

The airline will operate 4 weekly service, instead of daily, from 14MAY14 to 25JUN14. It will operate daily service from 26JUN14

I figure this is also a recent development again, because the last time I checked I was not getting any of these Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday flights for as late as October 2014. Now I see them, but there is no clarification on the Jet Airways website as well yet.

My Guess: Jet Airways wants to iron out the kinks at this new station initially and be in full force by the time European Summer sets in. Or maybe it is just a plane availability issue since this is a A330-200 at question.

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