SpiceJet reconfiguring aircraft for more legspace upfront

SpiceJet has been in the process of a turnaround, and while the frequent sales have given them the cashflow, I’m hearing more and more good things from people about the better quality of their product in the past few months. Me, I quit flying them a year ago when they messed up badly on timing of flights, and a morning flight actually arrived late in the evening. But I’ll definitely give them a try after the turnaround is complete.

In the meanwhile, it looks like SpiceJet is actually putting its money where the mouth is, and creating a differential offering for SpiceJet Max across its planes. Most planes, as per the COO Sanjay Kapoor, are under reconfiguration at the moment to lose one row of seats, and reconfigure the first 5 rows to add extra legspace. These seats will be sold as SpiceMax premium seats, as a part of the SpiceJet Max package, apart from the Emergency Exit seats as well. The entire fleet of B737s is expected to be reconfigured shortly.

Here is a picture he put out on twitter:

Also, with a better catering product, I see the airline is putting all its energy back into a simple product and good on-time performance which should win them brownie points in the frequent flyers’ books. Anyone tried out these seats yet?

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