Jet Airways strengthens codeshare with Air France, offers double miles on AF flights too

Strange is the aviation industry, where competitors become bedfellows. Jet Airways last week launched its own flights between Mumbai and Paris, which will be 4 times weekly right now and go to daily frequency in July. Jet has been very careful to operate a daytime flight here, because Air France already operates a daily departure from Mumbai in the evening slot. Initially, it looked like Jet Airways was only going to go after the O&D traffic because they did not have connections at the other end.

Now, early this month, Jet Airways and Air France got their codeshare together, and both the carriers will place their codes on the other’s Mumbai-Paris-Mumbai flights with effect from May 25, 2014. This offers a choice of day and evening frequency at both destinations now. Further, Jet Airways will now sell AF flights to the following destinations with their own code:

  • France: Nice | Lyon | Marseille | Toulouse
  • Spain: Barcelona | Madrid
  • Germany: Hamburg | Munich | Dusseldorf | Stuttgart | Berlin
  • The Czech Republic: Prague
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • United Kingdom: Birmingham | Manchester | Newcastle
  • Switzerland: Geneva | Zurich
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Norway: Oslo

It seems like a very strong partnership, and there is no news of revenue sharing being metal neutral yet but this might be the case.

Here is why I say this:


  • Not just that, they are being able to offer Air France inventory on their own website for redemption as well, at the same price as their own inventory. This is new, because they don’t do this for instance for BOM-NYC on Etihad as well yet.


On the other hand, Air France is having a similar double/triple miles promotion for Mumbai – Paris – Mumbai as well, but I am still awaiting clarification if Jet Airways codeshare is eligible for this promotion or not.

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