Jet Airways clarifies stance on Ukrainian Airspace, does not fully come clean

A couple of days ago, Jet Airways put up a loosely worded media statement on their website, which stated that they have not been flying above Ukraine for a few months. Here is the statement:


To this, I countered with data about the fact that Jet Airways has indeed been flying over Ukraine, in fact flying right on top of the conflict zone sometimes. Here is the post I wrote yesterday, and below is the snapshots of the July 17 flightpath of one of Jet Airways’ European flights.


Now, Jet Airways seems to see reason in the fact that they were not entirely above board in their last explanation. So, they’ve put in a new one today, where they state

Jet Airways has ceased flying over the Notified Ukrainian airspace as per directives received by all airlines, since the beginning of the conflict. We have now, effective 17th July 2014, completely ceased flying through the entire Ukrainian airspace.


Hey, I am still not convinced. I think that last flight I am showing above is flying through the notified airspace, although the NOTAM stated that you should fly above 32000 feet and hence they are in the clear. Had Jet Airways said they were in compliance with the notifications issued or something, that would have been fine as well

What is with this whole show that they can’t accept they made a mistake anyways? Other airlines such as Finnair have publicly acknowledged they made a mistake by stating that they did not fly over Ukraine.

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