It seems AwardWallet is popular, some upgrade codes then!

Yesterday, I put out a birthday note for all of you. There is a return present as well for one of you in there. I asked you all:

Leave me a comment on this post about what has been your favourite post(s) from my postings over the past three years, and why?

Now, going through the comments on that post, apart from the fact that everyone has gotten obsessed with Citibank PremierMiles due to my fandom of them, the other most popular item out there is AwardWallet.

I’ve done AwardWallet upgrade giveaways in the past, but seems it goes out like hotcakes. For those of you who don’t know, AW is a website that allows me to track my points and miles totals across loyalty programs in a one-view format.

AwardWallet provides a free account, which tracks all your accounts for free, but only displays upto 3 expiration notices. There is also AwardWallet Plus, which costs you $5 upwards for 6 months (you choose the price), and allows for details on all your accounts to be tracked along with the expiry notices. Now, if you haven’t had an AwardWallet account ever, you could sign up for a free 6-months usage of AwardWallet Plus with this link.

Otherwise, you could use the following codes, 15 of them, for an AwardWallet Plus Upgrade for six months:


To apply a code, all you have to do is to navigate to the Sidebar –> Manage Rewards –> Upgrade Using A Coupon.

Please post below when you have used a coupon so that I can edit the list and keep everyone informed accordingly. Also, if you want to share any AwardWallet upgrade codes, drop me a line and I will add them to the list.

And if you haven’t participated in the other giveaway, it is still open for your participation till tonight (July 29, 2014) Midnight India time.

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  1. Use Invite-106355-CBERD

    But i tried almost all the bottom one and it was gone too. Thanks! And good luck everyone and night.

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