Jet Airways nickel and dimes me for INR 50

I’m not a sucker for excess payments to any sort of travel and hospitality providers, yet, this past weekend I saw myself shelling out about a whole INR 50 to Jet Airways for no good reason.


You see, a couple of years back Jet Airways had this very nice idea that they should be charging customers for delivering printouts of the ticket at the airport. Maybe they were overburdened with these requests, and hence it made sense at that point of time. For the uninitiated, at a point of time it used to take the inspection of a hard copy of the ticket/boarding pass for same day travel, along with a Photographic ID document to access any airport in India. As a Platinum Member, I am exempt from these charges, but not fully, as I just found out this past weekend.

Over the years, this policy was changed so that you could just show your ticket on email along with the ID to be able to access the airport. I was very happy with this move since we could stop wasting a lot of paper now just to access the airport.

So, I was in Jaipur for the weekend, and about the time I reached the airport, my phone battery drained out. Usually, I won’t do this, but I sheepishly approached the Jet Airways counter to retrieve a copy of my ticket. Me and my fiancée were travelling on the same PNR, and in fact the PDF ticket we received included our names on the same page. We were already checked into the flight at T-12 hours.

However, Jet’s Airport Office for some reason decided to have a little more fun with me. They gave me two separate printouts and asked me for 50 INR. I tried to reason that the PNR was the same, and hence it should have been a part of the same print, but the lady across the glass just stretched her arm out insisting I pay the 50. That INR 50 was for my fiancée’s ticket printout, which could have been easily printed on the same page as me.

I did pay up eventually, and I asked for a receipt. I was informed no receipts are issued for this service. Sigh! that was an expensive piece of paper I used for exactly 2 minutes after, and I’m still surprised why could this have not been done more efficiently as well?

I’m filing away that INR 50 as a donation in my book, but I am sure not happy that they don’t even issue a receipt (another piece of paper) for this service.

You win some… you lose some?

</Rant Over>

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  1. Even I paid Rs 100 for a 1 page print to Indigo guys in Delhi. Also they didn’t provide the receipt for same.

  2. Don’t you think it’s high time that the need to carry tickets to the airport goes away? Why not just use the system used everywhere else in the world….go to the check-in counter, give ID to airline staff, staff prints BPs and bag tags and hands them over?!

  3. HI AJ,

    Its not unusual . Last time I booked a ticket for my family of 4 on Jet Even though the PNR was the same, the system issued separate tickets. So I had to take 4 printouts. I prefer to take printouts as usually I buy tickets several months in advance. I have almost 25 tickets in my file which are yet to be used.
    But yes I agree it’s a waste of paper and resources when it comes to Jet Airways.

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