Regarding the Delhi Points & Miles Meetup this weekend

I’ve been out of action for about 3 days now, chilling out in a pool at the Park Hyatt Goa, not drinking beer, but having some good wine and Long Island Iced Teas. Anyhow, time to be back in action. Before I left, I put out an announcement for the Delhi meetup which I am hoping to organise this Friday. I was told there is a technology issue in RSVP’ing. So, I’ve fixed that up, and you can RSVP here.

Also, I am inviting suggestions for the place to organise this. I’m out of touch with the places to go in Delhi, and Q’BA at Connaught Place comes to mind. Any other suggestions?

Update: I’ve firmed up Q’BA and blocked a large table there. It would be a pay-your-own event.

Address: Q’BA, E 42 & 43, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Do also drop in a line here or RSVP to give me an estimate of the number of people who would be coming in.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in Delhi!

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  1. @ Ajay, don’t know what makes you say so (gurgaon – inaccessible???? :-0) anyways, just wanted everyone to try “Made in Punjab” but what ever place suits every one will be fine with me too 😀

    BTW am too happy as am flying back home in SQ’s A380 SUITES class.

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