Hyatt Gold Passport rolling out targeted promotions: Upto 50K GP Bonuses

Hyatt Gold Passport is perhaps a very very good program, except I don’t always get to appreciate them because of their limited availability where I am present.

Now, Hyatt is back with promotions for the September – November 2014 quarter, a time which is usually packed with business travel. This is a rehash of the Hyatt New Possibilities promotion, which ran same time last year. Except, this time around, they are doing targeted promotions. Here are the few offers I’ve heard of so far:

Offer 1: Upto 50,000 Bonus Gold Passport Points

  • Stay 5 Nights: Get 5000 Bonus Points
  • Stay 10 Nights: Get 10000 Bonus Points (Total 15000 Bonus Points)
  • Stay 15 Nights: Get 150000 Bonus Points (Total 30000 Bonus Points)
  • Stay 20 Nights: Get 20000 Bonus Points (Total 50000 Bonus Points)

Offer 2: Complete 3 stays, get 10000 Gold Passport Points


Offer 3: Complete 1 stay, get 2000- 5000 Gold Passport Points

You’d be able to register only if you were targeted. So, do not fret if you don’t have an offer yet, because Hyatt is still in the process of sending out emails for these promotions.

Do note, you do need to stay at a Hyatt brand to be able to earn these bonuses, and stays at M-life properties don’t count.

So what was your offer? I landed the complete 3 stays get 10000 points promotion.

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  1. I got targeted for 1 stay, 2000 points offer. Considering that my last stay with them was almost 3 years ago I am surprised I got targeted at all.

  2. I think they were generous to me. Got promo for 5000 points for just 1 stay.
    QThough I am not sure about the burning rate but still feels it’s a good promo.

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