Air India offering free domestic tickets


Air India is running a promotion on their website, called, umm, the Get Lucky offer. This promotion offers every 100th ticket booked on Air India’s own website, a complimentary domestic ticket, and the winners get notified at the end of their ticket booking process itself.

The promotion runs between August 15, 2014 to September 30, 2014. The complimentary tickets are valid only after you travel at least one segment on your journey, if you booked an international ticket. If you booked a domestic ticket, it will be valid after you complete your entire journey. If you book a one-way ticket, you get a one-way ticket as your gift, and if you book a round trip, you get a round trip as your gift. Remember, these tickets are not transferable, so only the passenger who wins them, gets the freebie and no one else can use them.

The voucher issued would be valid for making a booking up to 1 month after these conditions have been complied, and the ticket can be used within 6 months. However, you can only use it on the direct flights on the network, and not for hopping/connecting flights. Air India will incur the base fare and fuel surcharge on these tickets, but taxes will be paid by the passenger.

The complimentary ticket will be issued by any Air India booking office only on production of e-mail, ID proof and all boarding cards of the previous journey based on which the ticket was granted. So, do expect to spend some time in a place like this.

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