Earn upto 25,000 PremierMiles with Citibank PremierMiles referrals

Apart from the existing referral program, where Citibank is offering INR 2000 as cashback to referrers for sourcing new members till September 30, 2014, there is another referral program going on through out September 30, 2014 for sourcing Citibank PremierMiles cards only.


Like with the other promotion, you need to use the link (in this page above) to generate custom links for everyone who you want to invite for a new Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card. Once this is done, they have a month to apply using the custom link sent to them. If the card gets approved, you get 5000 miles for each successful referral, up to 25000 miles.For each new applicant, you get 10,000 PremierMiles for opening a new Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card.

If you would like to receive a referral from me, I would also be very happy to send one along to you. Just make sure you are from one of the metro or mini metros in India at this moment. Drop me an email at aj @ livefromalounge dot com.

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  1. i have a premier miles card , member since 2012, is this offer still valid, I have recommended to my friend .. how does it work

  2. Hi
    I hold the Prestige card, can I refer my friends to the Pm card? If yes, how much will i get 5000 Prestige points or what?


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