Jet Airways redemptions problematic, still include fuel surcharge

One of the cornerstones of Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege revamp was the abolition of Fuel Surcharges. This change was supposed to come into effect from September 1, 2014. Fuel Surcharges are usually similar for all classes in a flight, and hence I’ve always recommended premium cabin flights because for double miles and similar fuel surcharges where applicable, you get much higher comfort.

However, it seems Jet Airways is either not doing this right yet, or they still intend to charge Fuel Surcharge for premium cabins. Have a look at this.

For instance, on BOM-LHR First Class, the number of miles required is now an astounding 127,500 for a one-way flight from the earlier 81,000 for the same segment. However, there is still INR 15,715 being applied as fuel surcharge.


This is in contrast to the economy ticket, which is now 47,500 JPMiles as contrast to 27000 JPMiles earlier. And no Fuel Surcharges. Only applicable taxes.


And this is similar for a lot of sectors, in premium cabins, for instance BOM-BRU next year






And the list goes on and on… In each of these cases, there is no YQ in case of economy flights, but YQ is charged in case of Business Class and First Class flights.

What I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that it is a week into the new redemption structure, and these things should at best take a day if JP wanted to fix it. So, is this a mistake, or is this deliberately left in there??? After all, when they made this mistake the first time, they fixed it the same day.

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  1. I am planning to take an airmiles card, but am worried that will it be of use if such fuel surcharges are being charged on jet and other airlines. Options available are Indusind Jet cobranded, Air India signature Air India, premier miles by citibank. Guys please give your opinion.

    • @emperor half or more of the airlines across the world charge fuel surcharges, so it is your wish to use these cards or not.

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