I’m coming home…

Oh boy. I hate going quiet on the blog but sometimes life takes you places where you take a plane and go, and there is just so much going on that your laptop is perpetually starving for battery and hence the posting has to wait.

So, the past few weeks, while I’ve been trying to post, I’ve been over to Europe, the USA, and then after a quick trip to Kolkata, I found myself again on the road for two weeks in a row… which was essentially supposed to be one trip to start with.

I was over to the Netherlands for a week, and while I was supposed to do some more meetings in other parts of Europe while I was there, it did not exactly work out as planned, so it did not make sense to be sitting in Europe for 4 days while I could have gotten work done in Mumbai and spent a weekend at home. Hence I was on my way back to London this week, in Economy, because everything else was so pricey!!!

Its been a long few months of travelling, and now I’m waiting to board my first 787 flight on Air India’s 787s at Mumbai Airport. I met the first plane in 2012, but will be able to experience them first hand only now. Of course I do remember Rohit Nandan’s amused looks when he was being walked through that plane then and told there are windows in the toilets now.

With Diwali around the corner, I’m just looking forward to get back home and kick up my heels. I hope whenever you start your family travels, you get a comfortable flight and a good lounge before you go home.

The song in my head…is of course this one, though in not such a fabulous voice!

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  1. One coincidence is that i started following your blog when i moved down south and had to frequently fly(almost a round trip every month out of my own pocket). So whenever i used to come back home (esp when i relocated back home), it was the same song, but a original version.


    Happy Diwali AJ . Have a great holiday week ahead.

    ps: Waiting for your review of AI’s 787.

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