JetPrivilege to charge child redemptions at adult redemption prices, without notice

Over the past few days, JetPrivilege has been working on multiple changes for revamping the program, after their newfound status as an independent loyalty program, and their majority control by Etihad.

The first two phases of these changes included tinkering with the earn rate, which got better in some situations, and the burn rate, which got massively devalued for international premium cabins. Then, yesterday JetPrivilege launched the family pooling concept, where you could pool miles from your family members.

One of the small fine print changes they did not announce in big bold letters but slipped in along was the change for children redemptions. Earlier, a redemption for a child ticket, for a kid up to 11 years in age, would be 50% the miles required for an adult ticket. But since October 21, 2014 (yesterday), they’ve moved the requirements for children to 100% of adult ticket mileage requirements. This is valid for redemptions on Jet Airways and all partner airlines as well.

I’d say this is a devaluation for those of you who were given no notice to book up tickets for your families with kids, but I’d imagine for Jet Airways every ticket redeemed is perhaps a seat for which they could not charge revenue rates, where they charge revenue rates for an adult anyways.

Again, a positive move for JetPrivilege, a negative move for the customer, but my only problem with them is that they did it yet again, without notice.

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