In which, a buffalo rams into a plane on its take-off roll

I sometimes wonder if I have seen enough of life, or do I need to see some of this stuff I keep hearing about. What I heard about today was totally bizarre and unimaginable. At the Surat Airport (STV), in India, there was a stray buffalo, which hopped on to the runway in the dark, right when a Spicejet flight was on its take off roll, on its way to Delhi. This incident happened last evening at about 7:30 pm.

The plane, a Boeing 737, has had some gruesome damage, however all the passengers on the plane were fine. Not surprisingly, Spicejet decided to discontinue their flight operations from Surat after this incident.

Here are some pictures, courtesy the Twitter account of aviation journalist Tarun Shukla. It hurts even looking at them.

And I thought I’d seen a dog on a Formula 1 racetrack and that was the height of non-management of strays…hmmm! I am glad everyone is safe, and I hope the airport can fix this menace.

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