Jet Airways adds functionality to see your upcoming trips online

One of the things I like to see on my frequent flyer profile for any airline is my upcoming reservations with that airline. And I have been able to see these with all the airlines I frequently travel with such as British Airways, American Airlines and Air India, but not with Jet Airways. The thing is, I have so many reservations out there, that sometimes it can become a little hard to track it all (although I do religiously try and add everything to WorldMate the minute it is booked!)

It is a very simple thing to do. You make the name and frequent flyer numbers as your keys, and pull their upcoming travel information in their frequent flyer profile. That makes me able to see it every time I log into the website.

Fortunately, such a capability has now been visible on the Jet Airways profile, albeit in a slightly buggy fashion, and is added once you log into your JetPrivilege account.


Once I click on the Future Bookings tab right towards the far right of the profile, it displays the next 5 segments I am due to fly with Jet Airways under the Jet Konnect code or Jet Airways code.


The bug exists in the Class of travel column, where Premiere tickets are also displayed as Economy at the moment. I hope they will be able to fix this soon.

Anyhow, this is a nifty addition to the website. Your tickets can be booked via a travel agent or directly with the airline. All you need to ensure is the correct name and your FFP number in the relevant field. Now, only if I could just click on the PNR and the ticket opens up from there itself…

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  1. @ Shreyansh: You can also claim the miles thru the Claim Missing Miles section after logging in to your JPMiles account. Even if you missed mentioning your FF No while booking. You can have that added through the Manage My Booking section; don’t know if that adds the miles for the trip directly to your account or not though.

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