Buy LifeMiles with 125% bonus only on December 1, 2014

Update: As of December 2, 2014, it is still possible to buy these miles with a bonus of 125%

Lifemiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca, and one of the Star Alliance programs which allows you to make some reasonable award bookings. They are currently holding one of their sales where you can buy miles @ USD 33/1000 Miles, and they give you 2000 miles for the price, all the way up to 75000 miles purchase. While I don’t write about all the Avianca mileage sales so often, here is an old post which makes you aware of why it is an important program for people who love their mileage tickets. I’ve previously purchased miles with their buy1-get1-free promotions as well.

Anyhow, just for today, they are making an exceptional offer, where you can buy1-get1.25 miles free. Which means, on the purchase of 1000 Avianca LifeMiles, you get 1250 as bonus. You can buy a total of 150000 miles annually, including these bonuses, so if you haven’t bought any miles with them this year, you can buy 66,000 miles today and get 82,500 miles as bonus.


It does work out pretty well in case you like premium cabin tickets at not so premium prices.


This is a 1 day only promotion, and your payment gets processed as an airline purchase. So, if you have any of those cards which offer extra on airline purchases, you get even more miles/points.

I’ll be buying some more of these miles tonight, what about you?

Remember, only existing accounts can partake in LifeMiles promotions, so you can’t open a new account just now to take part in this promotion. However, do open one and keep it ready for the next time if you miss the bus this time around.

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