December 1: Jet Airways goes back to Full Service Carrier!

This is just a quick reminder call for all of you who travel (in)frequently around India with Jet Airways. A few months back, Jet Airways decided that the Jet Airways/Konnect/Lite branding was not really working for them, so they decided that they had to go back to being one airline, Jet Airways.

The commitment from the airline’s top management was to get this done before the year 2014 ends, and they’ve beat themselves to it by implementing it a month in advance.


As a customer, for you, this means the following things happen:

  • No more 4 digit flight codes or troubles with flight codes on S2 or 9W. Everything would be a 9W xxx flight in the days ahead.
  • Complimentary dining on board in economy class to be reintroduced.
  • Personalised service with extended privileges for Gold and Platinum members. This should be a part of their Guest First initiative, although I don’t know yet what all it covers.

More changes should be on their way. The frequent flyer program has been reworked as well to get you higher minimum mileage. I am not booked on one of their flights this week, but I will report back when I happen to be on one and can observe the changes on my own.

In the meanwhile, if you are on a Jet Airways flight today or onwards, do you feel the changes or anything new in your 9W experience? I’d love to hear your views in the comments section.

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  1. Had been thinking of booking DEL-BOM-DEL in the past two days. I was gonna earn 700 something but ended up booking today earning 1064 miles for the trip once i complete. Minimum miles of 500 have been implemeted already. Bright days ahead to earn miles 🙂

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