Mumbai: INR 150 Amazon voucher for booking a cabride via Olacabs

One of the new things that Ola has taken from the Uber playbook is to help hail regular licensed cabs via their app. A few weeks ago, they started to offer the ability to hail black-yellow cabs which are licensed cabs in Mumbai, via the app.


Ola has apparently seeded the market with a lot of devices with taxi drivers that help the taxi drivers get a ride via their app. Except, in this case, the ride is metered like a regular cab ride, and paid for in cash. Ola has gone about town popularising this service, and putting in a good amount of cash in the hands of drivers to make sure they accept rides via the Ola app.

Last week, I tried using one of these, and a rundown cab did turn up at my home. However, the interesting part was that a few days later, I got a voucher for INR 150 for use on I heard later that Ola is offering a free INR 150 voucher on for those who use their Taxi-hailing service for the first time.

So, if you’re in the market to use a regular cab, maybe you want to download the Ola app, and set it up to get this freebie.

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  1. Any ideas on how to get ola support to respond ? Tired of sending mails to the generic id and also mailing the co-founder/ceo/cto et al. Very thick skinned bunch i must say.

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