SpiceJet Cancellations Summary

Spicejet has recently been cancelling a lot of flights over the past couple of weeks, or merging flights. As per the airline, this is the result of a restructuring going on at the airline where they are returning planes or having them come back at lower leases.

A lot of travel plans have gone awry as a result of these cancellations and there is no commentary on the SpiceJet website about cancellations and how to resurrect your travel plans from there.

Initially, the airline promised to resurrect these flights over a week, which are over 50 in number. However, it does seem it will take longer to do so, perhaps even all of December.

I happened to recently notice an online list created by Mustafa about the sectors that were being cancelled and how long were the expected to be cancelled for. While this is not an official list, it should give you a guidance if you are on track with your SpiceJet flight or not. You can check the list here. It is organised by flight number and the sector that is cancelled.


While there is not much I can do from around here, I really hope this is a temporary situation and all these flights are back in action soon.

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  1. Thanks Ajay. My BOM-MAA-BOM flight is in February, however 206 & 208 have not been cancelled throughout December. That gives me some hope, I only have to wonder if they will remain in air till then!

  2. I’m not able to view the zoho docs link – it says document not found. How do we find which flights are cancelled? And how far in advance can we know it?

  3. My wife has booked non-refundable tickets BOM-MAA-BOM during the sale and now SpiceJet has cancelled 1 leg. Its futile trying to contact them as no one picks up the phone. Tried multiple times. Even emails are going unanswered.

    Do I need to intimate them before booking on alternate carriers and will they bear the difference in fares ?

    • @jaidutt I don’t think they will bear the fares. At best you get your money back. Please tweet them and I hope you get a call back

  4. i have bought on sale non-refundable spicejet tickets for 2015.
    As of now those flights as per the list provided are cancelled and supposed to resume on 1st Jan 2015. Will spicejet refund the entire amount, if the flight sectors remain cancelled in 2015?

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