Should Hyatt Regency Delhi make promotions they can’t keep?

Just this morning I wrote about a promotion the Hyatt has gone to town about, as a part of the Great Online Shopping Festival. It is a straightforward promotion, which asks to apply a coupon code, and you get 50% off rack rate. When I realised about this promotion yesterday, I started to look up rooms at the Hyatt Regency Delhi, for the benefit of some folks who really really wanted to stay about there.

But, I run into this wall…


I reached out to Hyatt Concierge on Twitter, who initially told me the hotel would contact me, but 22 hours later had not. When I reached out to them again, the hotel was only having blackout dates for those nights and maybe I wanted another night.


Boo! So I systematically went through the entire set of dates in pairs of 2 nights from December 20, 2014 to January 11, 2015. Each date had a blackout date, and the hotel refused to honour the promotion.


On the other hand, their name turns up prominently on the website advertising the promotion, as of this moment.


I’m not sure if there are other hotels in this list which are behaving in the same manner as well, but why bother making a promotion if you can’t honour it?

Really, Hyatt…? I expect you to underpromise and overdeliver unlike the others who overpromise and underdeliver. That was my belief behind being Diamond now…

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