Jet Airways now offering sale fares till January 18, 2015

Day before yesterday, Air India kicked off fare wars 2015 edition with a sale. Last night, Jet Airways joined them in the pursuit to bring low fares to India.


As per this sale, you are going to be able to book tickets across India domestic sectors by January 18, 2015 for travel till April 15, 2015. The fare class to look out for is ‘B’, and you’ll need to be careful that this sale is valid only for direct flights, which means a hopping flight is fine, but connections are not if you want to benefit from the fare sale.

Also, unlike Air India, Jet Airways is offering these tickets in the non-refundable fare bracket, but you will be able to change dates of travel subject to availability in B class at that point of time. Date Change charges are INR 2,000.

Going through the fares, while I could find cheap fares on many sectors, the availability was not as great as Air India.

The fares under this sale are bookable at the Jet Airways website, and also with travel agents such as, and

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