Jet Airways’ 24-hour cancellation facility fails me!

Update: Jet Airways did pick this up from Twitter and called me to resolve the issue. They informed me there was a glitch due to the coding of the Non-Refundable Rules however the policy was valid for my fare and hence the ticket would be manually cancelled.

I have been going to town about the greatest thing on earth since the Swiss Knife: called 24-hours free cancellation by Jet Airways. When the facility was launched, it said that all passengers on domestic or international itineraries would be able to cancel their tickets within 24 hours if they had a change of plans, no questions asked!

Yesterday, I was booking up some firm plans with Jet Airways, since it was the last day of their sale. However, I did not realise I ended up making a double booking on one sector. I thought it would be a great time to give the 24-hour cancellation facility a go, but here is the screen I got…


Caveat Emptor is all I have to say at the moment. There are no terms & conditions which indicate my ticket would not be refunded in full if I book certain fares.

What have been your experiences with the 24-hour cancellation window recently provided by Jet Airways?

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  1. Oh yes Indeed! I was screaming @ them about the 24-hour offer T&C and the ticket copy not saying NON-REFUNDABLE on it anywhere. All that the ticket says is FAREBASIS – B2SALE, and that’s what they claim to be a Non-refundable description.

    Did you have any luck, with kinder words AJ?

  2. Called up Jet Airways, to confirm the cancellation process within a 24-hour window. They VERY STRONGLY came up with the explanation that CLASS B is non-refundable, and hence ineligible for any FULL REFUNDS. Are you referring to any other class of Travel, Rohan?

    • @Samuel please let them know that this is not a part of the terms and conditions of the cancel within 24 hours feature.

  3. When you cancel a ticket a cancellation summary is sent to you mail. If you see the 1750 deduction for cancellation then its best to write to them. They should get back in 2 days with response as the one I got.

    I did actually cancel my ticket even after i saw the deduction. I can’t imagine them not charging you if you actually didn’t cancel.

  4. Welcome to the CLub AJ!!! I too hope its a technical glitch, and that they honor their promise.

    Rohan, so do you have to go ahead with the cancellation and wait for Jet to refund the balance, or are they going to open up the 100% refund window (for the next few days), to those who were dissappointed, by the refund amounts and chose not to cancel?

  5. Hi Ajay,

    I had the same issue with Jet on cancellation within 2 hours. On writing to them they wrote back they it was due to a technical glitch and the issue would soon be resolved and full refund would be given to me .
    Hope jet sorts out the issues soon.


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