Jet Airways trialling mobile boarding passes in India

While I love me a paper boarding pass for my #avgeek collection, they are a dying breed. Except in India so far, where paper boarding passes are used to go through the abuse of the security check, with stamps to signify that a security screening was done.

However, there is change coming through. Jet Airways has recently partnered with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, the people responsible for security of the civil aviation flights in the Indian skies. Along with BCAS and the Bangalore airport, Jet Airways is running a pilot to trial the use of barcoded boarding passes on passenger mobile phones. This is a good move after the security requirement for a printed ticket was shot down.

Passengers can use these boarding passes from their phones to enter the terminal, go through security checks and access the boarding gate. The trials are on going at the moment on select Bangalore-Delhi and Bangalore-Mumbai flights.

Jet Airways, when they moved to a new self-service platform last year, already started to issue boarding passes for the mobile, not using an app per se but as images which arrive into your mailbox at the moment. You can also use your Jet Airways mobile app to check into flights at the moment.

Let’s hope mobile boarding passes get clearance for use soon. I do know that Delhi Airport is also equipped with Mobile Boarding Pass scanners, which can be used as soon as the mobile boarding passes are cleared for use.

Would you prefer a mobile boarding pass or a physical boarding pass going forward?

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  1. Well, now when checking in on Jet’s website, you can choose for them to e-mail you boarding passes (e-Boarding Pass)- which are sent in *.jpg and Acrobat formats – so you can just open these for the scanner – if they are available.

    The JPEG one is a QR code and the Acrobat one is the standard printed version from days of yore…

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