How my travel life changed after courtship!

Gaah, this is something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while, and I hope Shipra will take this in good spirit. I have been noticing a pattern and I just want to have it off my chest. Winking smile

As a top-tier with most airlines I do business with, I am usually given the opportunity to select the nicer seats out there, sometimes by virtue of pre-selection, sometimes by virtue of checking in 48 hours prior. Because Uncle Scrooge did not pass on his wealth to me yet, I am still a predominantly Economy class flyer on a lot of the domestic segments that I do. Now, back in the day, I was almost always to be found on 10C or 10D, the aisle seats in the bulkhead. But, for over a year now, I’m seeing that change.

Initially, when we started flying around together, Shipra would take the window seats (she likes them), and I would usually book the aisle seat, because I still loved the access. Sometimes, we’d get the middle seat empty between us. But of late, it is not. Planes are packed again, and as a result, I find myself moving into the middle seat more and more often.

Earlier, it would also happen that Shipra had no status on airlines. So, I had to always pre-book the kind of seats where we could almost always get good seats without status. Which meant the row 10 was out of the picture.

So go figure when I sat on a plane in the middle row and the plane was delayed by an hour to take off.

Status ain’t everything. That is the lesson I’ve learned over a period of time.

Any one of you notice things change getting a better half in your life?

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  1. last time we flew, I was in biz class and my wife in economy. Thankfully at least my status allowed a companion in the lounge.

    Need I say anything else?

  2. I’m normally moving around and through airports at around Mach#2 when traveling for work (Yes, I consider it a win at all costs race from the gate to the taxi/uber

  3. Initially the same thing happened to me, but at some point it became truly obvious to my girlfriend (and later wife) how much I hated flying in the middle seat when forced to change. Finally, she told me that she didn’t care if we were one seat apart for a few hours of flight time and so we switched back to aisle/window. Since then our flying has been mostly smooth and everything has worked out fine. Plus, I no longer have to explain strange routings that I concocted to get on MD-80s. 🙂

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