Air India unveils new uniforms for staff

Air India has quietly unveiled a refresh of their uniforms for their staff, to take on the uniform refresh from their competition in Vistara.

The new uniform has retained the traditional sari for female cabin crew, while also offering them an option to don a kurta with trousers or a long black jacket with trousers.  For the men, they get to wear black trousers and jacket, with a blue pinstripe shirt and a red tie. Here are some pictures released by Air India



There is a wave of criticism going around on the internet, but I do have to state that I like these mustard color Saris better than the earlier red ones. Also, I think if the AI men can carry it off, this is a very smart uniform for them. Although I do find them walking around the aisle with rolled up sleeves most of the time and not wearing a jacket.

However, with Air India, nothing goes as per plan, so on the date of the launch of the uniform last week, many a cabin crew reported they were not ready with their new uniforms, and they were allowed to come to duty in their old uniforms.

AI Uniform


What do you think of the new uniforms?

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