Savaari’s attractive 20% referral offer

While I am an Uber guy, there are many a times you can’t help yourself to one, because Uber may not be present in those cities. Also, when I am on work trips around India, I usually end up hiring a chauffeur driven car at disposal. While we do have an official fleet company, I’ve also been working some trips with recently, which is an online aggregator of fleet cabs around India. They connect you with local car operators on their platform, and after the ride is over, will also email you an invoice within a few days.

Savaari recently launched a referral promotion, where they are offering 20% of the first trip of the user, or 1000 INR worth (whichever is lower), as Savaari points, which can be redeemed on the first trip for the referee.


The referrer gets similar number of points credited in their account as well after the first ride of the referee is completed.

Here is how it works. When booking your first ride after registration, you can punch the referral code in your payment details. For instance, if you’d like to use my Referral code, it is 72ZW. Subsequently, you get the number of points which you are eligible to redeem on the ride.


I think this is a great referral scheme for those of you who hire cars across the length and breadth of India. If you choose to use my referral code, I’d like to thank you for that in advance.


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