GoAir to move to Terminal 1B from March 15, 2016


I took a GoAir flight last evening from Srinagar to Mumbai, and realized that I was going to land for the last time at Terminal 1A. This terminal has been set-up for demolition as a part of the redevelopment of Mumbai Airport.

The airport operator moved Air India’s domestic operations from Terminal 1A last year to Terminal 2, and once they moved, GoAir also moved their departure services to Terminal 1B. However, it seems there was no space for GoAir to run their arrivals operations at Terminal 1B, so they continued to run it at Terminal 1A.

Tomorrow, when Jet Airways moves to Terminal 2, GoAir will be able to get the required baggage movement belts at Terminal 1B which will help them completely move.

Where will they go next, we don’t know since it is unclear if all the so-called budget airlines would stay at Terminal 1 or eventually move to Terminal 2. Initially, there was chatter that Indigo would like to retain the whole of Terminal 1B, but as per news reports now, they will plan a move to Terminal 2 six months down the line. It is then almost certain that GoAir and SpiceJet will follow suit because I don’t see any airport operator retaining a terminal building to cater to 2 small airlines of the Indian flock.

Do spread the word that GoAir is over to Terminal 1B tomorrow, and Jet Airways is over to Terminal 2 tomorrow in Mumbai.

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