Weekly Recap: April 10, 2016

Hello from Mumbai folks. It is one of those rare weekends when I was home. However, I realized due to some technical difficulties we were not able to put out the weekly recap for the past weekend. This is now fixed and I hope won’t recur anytime soon. With that out of the way, lets take a quick recap on what kept us busy over the last few days.

Loyalty Programs

Jet Airways’ agents continue to irk me by not processing the upgrades which are enlisted before hand. But they added new charges. Etihad put out another 2x/3x mileage earning promotion last week for travelling on their A380. Additionally, Etihad had a 50% markdown for mileage redemptions on their flights using a special promotion. Spicejet, on the other hand, restructured its one month old attempt at a loyalty program already. Virgin Atlantic is offering a 25% bonus on converting your Citi points to Virgin Atlantic miles.


Jet Airways’ was caught on the wrong foot during the explosions at Brussels airport, with 4 airports on the ground, and many passengers. A newspaper chronicled their response to this emergency. Vistara opened a new lounge at Delhi airport. Emirates, on the other hand, put out a fantastic safety video for fans in attendance of the ICC T20 World Cup final. Air India, on the other hand, discovered that they could sell seat allocations for a price, and have finally headed into selling seat allocations. A band is performing in public spaces such as airports and airplanes without permissions, and in my op-ed sort of piece, I wonder if it is cool to do so for their own whims.

Hotel Promotions

Hyatt, my favourite hotel chain, finally put out a promotion starting April 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016. In this, they offer you points all the way up to 75,000 of those. Sign up now if you’d want to participate.

Credit Cards

Stuff changed last week in India, with the credit cards world announcing new rules for mileage accrual. The good news is that HDFC Diners Club is offering 10x partners still. There have been tonnes of requests to hear about my Credit Card spending strategy for the current year, and after much mulling I finally put pen to paper about this request. Honestly, I was hoping there would be new cards in my portfolio, but nothing like that yet. I do want to hear about your strategy however, and I’m happy to pick one of you for a prize as well. Do take part, since we need at least 30 responses to draw a prize.

Other news

In other news, Park Hyatt Goa, which is my favourite Hyatt hotel for a long time, was in a takeover attempt by ITC. This is now closed in the favour of original owner of the hotel, which means the Park Hyatt flag stays.

I hope you all have a good week ahead! If you snapchat, you can add us there (@livefromalounge), because we just got cooler on social media that ways!

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