Air India offers 10 kg extra baggage allowance

Long long time ago, Air India started to offer 10 kg extra baggage allowance to members of their frequent flyer program, Flying Returns. Indians travel heavy, and so they lapped it up! Late last year, they made the benefit available to all the flyers, albeit for a limited period of time.


Now, Air India has made this a permanent benefit since a few weeks ago. While other airlines offer 15 Kgs of baggage allowance, and some also offer a lower fare for taking only hand baggage, Air India is on the other end of the spectrum, offering a full 25 kgs to Economy class passengers on the domestic sectors.


While someone in their website department did mischief around putting up a couple of words in the Economy class RBDs, the real news is that each passenger on domestic sectors in Air India can carry 25 kgs, not including the extra weight offered for frequent flyer benefits (20 kgs for Gold members). Also, the extra 10 kgs offered just for being a member has been withdrawn.

This benefit is valid for flights on mainline aircraft (Boeing and Airbus), and not on Alliance Air flights which are operated on CRJs and ATR 42 airplanes.


If you are used to travelling heavy, Air India offers you the most amount of baggage allowance. I amply used that benefit ferrying stuff back and forth between Delhi and Goa on the occasion of my wedding last year. However, they do have the worst frequent flyer program at the moment!

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