Jet Airways to start B77W service to Amsterdam

Jet Airways is upping the game after posting a successful year of profits, and on the back of receiving some 6 77Ws back from Etihad Airways. Like I wrote back in June, Jet Airways was expected to upgrade flights to Europe on their 77Ws, and the ball has been set rolling on that. After upgrading flights to Dubai and Singapore to the 77W, which Jet Airways has now confirmed, they will now launch the 77Ws on the Mumbai – Amsterdam route.

Jet Airways 77W business cabin

Jet Airways 77W business cabin

Jet Airways’ 77Ws return to Continental Europe

Jet Airways used to fly their 77Ws to Brussels back in the day, about 2008 or 2009, but I don’t remember more than that out of memory. Then, these flights went to the A332s, and then to the A333s. Subsequently, Jet Airways’ shifted their European base to Amsterdam. Now, Jet Airways will add the 77Ws to the BOM-AMS route when the winter schedule kicks in on October 30, 2016.

The new schedule will look like this:

9W232 BOM0335 – 0920AMS 77W D
9W231 AMS1100 – 0045+1BOM 77WD

This also means the return of a 3-class service to Continental Europe, along with my favourite business class product on-board.

What do you guys make out of these changes to the Jet Airways’? Personally, I am a fan.

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  1. That is a great news. I travel between US and India quite often, and 77W is a good aircraft.
    But it still baffles me that Jet doesn’t have a single direct flight into USA given the demand between it. Is Etihad the reason?!

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