When Salman Khan was not allowed to board a Vistara flight…

No, you haven’t reached the paparazzi channel yet. But I was thoroughly impressed with Vistara and hence decided to write about this one. Apparently, yesterday, our movie star Salman Khan who thinks he can shoot of his hip and get away with anything including his comments on rape, decided to fly Vistara from Mumbai to Delhi.

He arrived at the airport, and after checking in, stepped over to the VIP Lounge to rest. The airline commenced and finished boarding, and apparently they made multiple announcements for the flight, but he wouldn’t budge.

Eventually, he made it to the door, but the flight was already closed and hence he was not allowed to board the flight. Of course, he first tried to put his hand around the staff and ask them for accommodation, and then maybe he did have an argument as well.

All I have to say is, Kudos to Vistara for sticking to their timeline and not being rolled over by a well-known personality. It is things like these that make an airline’s character, and I’m glad they stood firm in their stance. Maybe the actor could have been in time and then instead missed the Delhi – Mumbai flight waiting at the new Vistara Lounge?

What would you have done if you were in Vistara’s place?

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  1. There seems to have been contradictory articles on this matter. I read in TOI that he was actually supposed to fly Jet initially which he missed, then he was arranged a seat in vistara which he too missed and then he eventually traveled in Jet.. the article even had the headline as salman misses two flights and then makes on third one… But the core of article remains true.. Vistara didn’t wait for him.

  2. Thats perfect…
    Once you land late… there are lots of complications…
    Mumbai ATC not entertain flights which lands later due to nonsense reasons!!!
    Take of sequence will be worst!!! You might put at last in queue 😉
    I think you have to pay more parking charges as well…I think it will big penalty overall compare to Salman’s Air Ticket Cost!!!

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