What? GoAir fixed its web check-in?

Amongst one of the mysteries of this universe is the tech-unsavvy nature of GoAir. The airline has not invested in their website upgrade over the years, and I don’t track them much since I don’t fly them much. However, when I flew them earlier this year on the SXR-BOM route, they had only one good thing going for them, the fact that their check-in opens 72 hours prior. For everything else, you’d have to call them to make it work I was told.

Now, I don’t like inflicting pain on myself that much, but since my usual full-service carriers somehow decided that this weekend is a good time for them to charge a lot of money to go to where I want to go, I looked up options and GoAir came out fine (30-35% of the full-service price). The flight was booked a while ago, and yesterday, just for the fun of it, I tried checking in. I had totally forgotten that they do allow check-in online 72 hours prior, which is something I haven’t seen on another airline in India yet.

When the check-in came through, I first thought it was a bug (busy day guys!). Any how, I pushed forward, and lo and behold, the changes started to appear as compared to my last experience with them. First, they tried to upsell me to GoAir business, which I had to pass. Then, they tried selling me all the ancillaries, such as refreshments, excess- baggage, priority check-in and so on. Again, I passed.


On the next step now, I could select seats. GoAir is still stingy about releasing seats, so everything except the middle seat was chargeable. Somehow, they leave you to decide if you’d want to go on the last row for free, and this one time, I did not mind it.


The airline now also allows you to pay at the time of booking these services rather than pay via a separate link that the airline will send you later.

Voila, in a bit, I had my boarding pass in the mailbox as well. I’m wondering why this airline did not provide these basic services before, but I’m glad they do have them now!

What are your recent experiences with GoAir?

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  1. Fianally the GoAir has added Hyderabad to its network and the low-cost air carrier will launch its services in the city from 12th October 2016. This is the 23rd destination on the airlines’ network.

  2. Hey Ajay,

    IndiGo started anytime check in from 29th June. I tried it by checking in 15 days prior to my flight. Their exact words – “Anytime Check-in – W.e.f 29th June passenger can do web check-in anytime upto 2 hours prior to schedule departure time and choose their favourite seat, starting at just ₹200.”

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