Weekly Recap: September 4, 2016

Hello from Mumbai everyone. The festive season is here upon us, and hence, we are staying put in Mumbai. It was a busy week, so here is getting you up to speed with all that happened over the week gone by.


To thank you all, we worked with Airbnb to give out $1200 worth of Airbnb credits. Here are the winners.

Aviation News

Jet Airways has been on a roll, revealing feature after feature, after they completed the rollout of Fare Choice a bit earlier in the last month. Two important news from them. SpiceJet & Air India gave us some laughs.


It is that time of the year when all the new promotions will be brought out by hotel chains. Here are some of them. Since it is just the beginning of the quarter, maybe a good idea to register for them now.

Credit Card News

HDFC Bank Credit Cards’ Diners Club gave a massive shock to everyone, telling them about all the partners evaporating. Seems the news is however temporary.


Here is a bizarre piece of news. Someone drove a car away from a Hotel Valet, without being the rightful owner.

There is a lot more stuff to write about, so let’s get to it! Have a good long weekend wherever you are folks, and safe travels!

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